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Wanted: A Family of My Own – ITV’s 4 Part Series about Fostering & Adoption

Posted on 25th April 2014 by

Nicky Campbell’s Fostering Programme on ITV

Nicky CampbellA new four part series begins this week on ITV, featuring all aspects of adoption, all the people affected by the process, including foster carers, the children, birth parents and social workers.

Presented by Nicky Campbell, who, himself was adopted at 6 weeks old in 1961, the series gives a personal view of adoption and foster care. The programmes will cover a broad spectrum of stories and will open up the myths of gay couples and single parents being unable to adopt or foster children.

Working with eight local authorities throughout the UK, ITV have achieved a fascinating insight into the world of fostering and adoption.

This series documents the stories of people desperate to become parents alongside the children who have been through the toughest start in life.

Shedding the light on many of the myths surrounding adoption this series follows the search for a family through to the day a child meets their new parents for the very first time.

At the heart of adoption and foster care in the UK lie many wonderful stories of resilience, love and compassion, however, thousands of children throughout the UK are still waiting for a family of their own. If you would to give a child a much needed loving and stable home please call Lorimer Fostering on 08000 38 77 99 or complete the “Request a Call Back” section above.


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