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‘We did it for the kids’: Wigan couple on their experience of fostering for the first time

Posted on 1st May 2014 by

Fostering for the First Time

A Wigan family, featured on the recent Channel 4 series, 15,000 Kids and Counting, have spoken about their experience of fostering two siblings. The couple were new foster parents and looked after siblings Lauren and Liam for nearly three years while their social worker searched for a permanent family home for the children.

Debbie and Chris hoped that by appearing on the documentary they would encourage other people to become foster carers. The programme highlighted the great need for foster carers across the country – there is currently a shortage of around 8,600 foster carers in the UK and 15,000 children waiting to be adopted. Children over four and sibling groups are harder to place than babies and toddlers. Debbie and Chris wanted to show how fostering older children had enriched their family life.

Debbie said: “We did it for the kids, we wanted to show potential adopters that older children have a lot to offer too and it worked.”

Debbie and Chris gave the children a secure and loving home for nearly three years. The couple originally intended to only take on children in need of short-term placements, but as time passed they realised how emotionally attached they had become to the children.

That’s when the reality of fostering hits home – like being a parent, nothing quite prepares you for it. … It’s hard work, but it’s also the most rewarding job you can do.” said Chris.

Local Councillor, Susan Loudon, cabinet member for children and young people, supported the couple’s appearance on the show:

This series gives viewers an excellent insight into the reality of life in care … ultimately, our main goal is to find loving families for all of our children to ensure they, like Lauren and Liam, have their own happy ending.

A variety of foster carers are needed in Wigan and across the North-West, from short-term placements which can be anything from one night to a few weeks, to long-term placements (providing a home for a child until they are 18 or 21), respite weekends for disabled children and placements for pregnant teenagers to help them through pregnancy, birth and caring for a new baby.

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