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Well Done!! Foster Carer Training (Fostering Cheshire Series)

Posted on 9th October 2013 by

Fostering Cheshire Series

It is no mean feat being a Foster Carer but to continue a high level of care at the same time as completing a CWDC Certification is quite an achievement….this is exactly what some of our carers have just succeeded!

As part of the Fostering Service Regulations 2011 and the National Minimum Standards all Foster Carers have to undergo the CWDC Certification (Children’s Workforce Development Council) within a set time-frame of being approved as a new carer. CWDC exists to improve the lives of children, young people, their families and carers by ensuring that all people working with them have the best possible training, qualifications, support and advice.

Fostering Cheshire. A very large number of Lorimer’s foster carers have now completed this and whilst we have individually recognised this by way of them being presented with a framed certificate to recognise their achievements, we feel that it is definitely something we should be shouting about!! For our Foster Carers to complete all the requirements of the CWDC whilst continuing their role as a Foster Carer took a lot of effort and dedication so a massive WELL DONE TO YOU ALL!


  1. Just wandering what happened to our framed certificate. We completed the CWDC sometime ago. Feeling left out. Cornelia

    Cornelia & Michael Byrne | 11 years ago | Reply

  2. Hi Cornelia & Michael, I have sent you a little email about this but just to re-iterate we are truly sorry for this oversight and once we get to the bottom of it I can assure you a framed certificate will be coming your way! Kindest Regards :-)

    Zoe | 11 years ago | Reply

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