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What is Fostering? – Foster Care Fortnight 2023

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What is Fostering?

What is fostering?

What is Fostering? Fostering is simply caring for a young person who is currently in the care system in your own home. Children who are looked after enter the care system for several reasons, most of which are not their own fault. They can range in age from very young babies to teenagers who are about to enter adulthood. As a foster parent, you must provide the child or children put in your care with support so they may make life decisions and acquire the skills they will need to one day live independently. These children occasionally have no prior family life experience and have never had anybody else provide them with care or assistance.

Is fostering different from adoption?

While a child placed in foster care is still the legal responsibility of the birth parents and/or the local authority, adoption permanently transfers the child’s rights and responsibilities to the adopters. Foster parents make decisions for the child, often until they are 18 and prepared for independent life, in collaboration with social workers, the child’s family, and other professionals. Foster care providers are given financial assistance by fostering agencies to help with the cost of raising the child, including birthdays, holidays, food, and clothing.

How should I choose a fostering agency?

You should conduct extensive research to make sure you have picked the ideal fostering agency for you. Make a checklist of a few agencies that you like the appearance of and contact them first. You can schedule casual meetings with several different organisations. This will enable you to select the agency with which you are most compatible. In order to learn what each agency has to offer, you should compile a list of questions to ask.

To get you started, we’ve compiled a short list of questions below:

  • Does the organisation offer support around-the-clock?
  • Do they give foster parents frequent training?
  • Do they offer respite care? (an opportunity for you to take breaks and holidays while fostering)
  • Will they reimburse me for the child’s basic needs?
  • Are there enough employees at the agency to support the foster parents?
  • What is the reputation of the agency?
  • Do they possess the appropriate credentials?

Benefits of Fostering for Lorimer

Here are some of the benefits you will receive if fostering with Lorimer:

  • Competitive rates for professionals
  • Two weeks of paid vacation or respite every year
  • Regular visits and round-the-clock assistance from skilled social workers
  • Meetings and support group for foster parents
  • Being a member of “The Fostering Network,” which provides a variety of advantages and cost-free services
  • Ongoing learning and development opportunities
  • Access to youth engagement and resource workers


If you live in the North West and are thinking about becoming a Foster Carer, please get in touch. Lorimer Fostering can provide lots of information about fostering and becoming a Foster Carer. You can call, text or WhatsApp Rachael on 07938 575 738; or send an email to foster@lorimerfostering.com. If you would prefer us to call you, please submit your details using the form below; and we’ll get back to you soon!

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