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Working and Fostering

Can I Work and Foster?

You can become a Foster Carer whether you’re unemployed, self-employed or working; as long as you have sufficient time available to meet the needs of the child or children placed with you. 

Foster Carers are expected to be available to care for children, attend meetings, training, support groups, and to promote and support contact between a child and their birth family. You must be sure that you will be able to, for example, respond to unexpected meetings; or have a support network of people who can assist you with your fostering responsibilities. 

Many people considering fostering want to become a Foster Carer and continue working; but believe that foster care is a full-time role and that they would not be able to do both. If any child placed with you is your first and over-riding concern, in the same way that it would be for your own birth child; you should be able to maintain both. 

Working and Fostering IS Possible

Much will depend on how flexible your work or employment can be. Many people today are able to negotiate flexible working arrangements with their employers. Alternatively, some continue to work on a part-time basis to ensure that they are able to meet the needs of placed children whilst maintaining their employment. 

If you are caring for school-age children, it is often possible to work part-time whilst they are at school. It may also be possible to work full-time, depending on the needs and ages of children in your care. 

If you foster very young children, it is usually not considered appropriate for a fostered child to be in full-time day care while their foster carer is in work. 

If you cannot solely rely on the income from fostering and you need to work full-time as well as offer foster care, it may be that you consider fostering older children, such as teenagers as they can be a lot more independent. 

There is also the option of being approved as a Respite Foster Carer; this is when you provide short periods of care such as a weekend or a few nights for a child or children usually placed with another Foster Carer. Some people find that this works well for them, as they can maintain their jobs alongside fostering. 

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