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Anthony and Christine’s Story: This is Fostering

Posted on 13th May 2020 by

For Foster Care Fortnight, our Foster Carers have been sharing their stories with us, showing us a sneak peak in to their lives and what it’s like to be a family that fosters. Below is Anthony and Christine’s story, where they tell us all about the experiences they share within their fostering household. They’ve even included some advice for anyone who has just taken that step to become a Foster Carer!

Anthony and Christine’s Story

Our Foster Care Story: Anthony and Christine's Story

“We started fostering about 7 years ago and have had long term and respite placements. The children have usually come from very challenging backgrounds, and it’s wonderful over the course of time to see them realise what they are capable of. It’s great to share a proper childhood with them when they haven’t experienced birthdays, Christmas or holidays. We do a lot of messing about and singing silly songs, and we think laughter is definitely a good medicine. Alongside lots of fresh air walks and day trips, all things which they have usually missed out on for various reasons.

These young people make us proud as they develop. Although we can’t promise to fix everything, we can at least be there with them so they don’t have to face hurdles alone. Our own adult children and extended family have welcomed them into the fold. It’s great to make a small difference to a child’s life – its very rewarding.

Advice we would give to any new fosterers –

  • You are always learning – join in any training that you are offered
  • Use the forums to meet other fosterers and you soon realise that other people are tackling similar situations as yourselves
  • There is always someone from the office at the end of the phone 24/7 if you need advice or help

It will change your life – and a child’s for the better.”

Fostering with Lorimer

A big thank you to Anthony and Christine for sharing their story with us!

We would like to encourage anyone who is considering fostering to get in touch with us. You really could make all the difference in a young persons life! If you would like to see some more information, you can head over to this webpage here:

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