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July Roundup – on to August!

Posted on 14th August 2020 by

It’s time for our July roundup blog – so grab yourself a nice hot drink and take a seat so you can read about all the great things that our Foster Carers and young people have been up to this month. We’ve got lots of interesting things to share with you!

Young Person’s Achievements

We love celebrating the wonderful things our young people achieve each month. Take a look below at some of the great things they have been up to recently!

  • Receiving a medal and a certificate for outstanding achievement in English
  • Achieving a Lead Learner Award for 100% effort in math
  • Achieving a Lead Learner Award for Geography
  • Receiving a certificate for amazing commitment to learning throughout lockdown
  • Taking part in the Great Outdoors Weekender
  • Creating beautiful pieces of art using watercolour paint
  • Working on the Scout Gold Award
  • Producing great pieces of written work for RE
  • Making sweet homemade treats like calzone pizza & chocolate brownie and ice cream
  • Doing great work towards an RAF Stage 1 Scout badge

Pictures we’ve Received!

Our Foster Carers and young people have also sent us some fab photos to show us what they’ve been getting up to! It looks like they had a lot of fun camping out in the garden. The homemade treats looks super yummy too! And a very big well done to the young person who created this beautiful watercoloured painting – it is so wonderful!

Blog Roundup

This month on our blog we’ve shared a story with you from Zahraa, who is a birth child from one of our lovely fostering families. You can watch a short video she made for us and read all about her experiences of being part of a household that fosters by clicking the link below.

We’ve also shared some information this month on good guidance for you to follow when fostering a teenager. When it comes to fostering teenagers, there a few things you should consider to help with developing a positive relationship. We hope you find the advice useful! Head over to the link below to read more!

Children and young people spend more time than ever surfing the web and using online resources. Keeping them safe whilst doing this should be a priority for any Foster Carer. We’ve put together a guide filled with lots of useful information for you to read and pass on to your foster child. Read it by clicking the link below.

Free Downloads

If you didn’t already know, we have lots of free downloadable resources available on the Document Library section of our website! You can find many useful print-outs for you and your foster child to use. Each month, we try to add a couple of new documents on there – so if you have any ideas for us please email them to bowen@lorimerfostering.com.

July Roundup: Free Downloads

This time, we’ve added an activity sheet called ‘Who am I?’ for children and young people to use. The activity is split in to two halves, one side is for drawing what you look like, and the other is for drawing things that represent what you like and how you feel.

We’ve also added another new document called ‘A Personal Quiet Space’. This is a writing prompt where children and young people are encouraged to write about a place where they would like to spend their alone time. It’s a fun way for you to find out what you could both do to improve the way your foster child spends their time alone.

July Roundup

This month we read a fantastic story in the news about a young writer who has become the first ever care-leaver to graduate from her Cambridge college. She says she wants to inspire others to “beat the odds”. If you would like to read more about Kasmira and her journey, head over to this article from the BBC. What a fantastic achievement!

Quote of the Month

To finish things off, we would like to leave you with our quote of the month. We hope you find it as inspirational as we did!

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind. A smile, a compliment or a conversation could change someones whole day!”

July Roundup: Be Kind

Thank you for taking the time to read our July roundup blog! We’ll be back again soon to share everything that’s happened throughout August with you. In the meantime, stay up to date by following our Facebook and Twitter pages for news, blogs & more!

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