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Pam and Jim’s Story: This is Fostering

Posted on 24th May 2020 by

For Foster Care Fortnight, our Foster Carers have been sharing their stories and experiences with us. We’re very grateful to them for showing us a sneak peak in to their lives as a family that fosters. Below is Pam and Jim’s story, where they tell us how rewarding it can be to look after children and young people.

Pam and Jim’s Story

Pam and Jim's Story: This is Fostering

“Me and my husband have fostered for 8 years and are long term Foster Carers. We find fostering very rewarding. Seeing children thrive and grow in our care is an amazing journey to go on. Watching children’s confidence and personality flourish is so astonishing and we love this part of the job.

Fostering can also face some challenges, but as a foster family you are widely supported by Social Workers, Relief Workers and other professionals involved with children. Training, meetings and contact to further our professional knowledge is always accessible and any problems had are addressed.

Children in our care come very much part of our family, including extended family and our mission is to work together as a family to care, safeguard and provide a regular household for these children.

If I was to offer any advice to people thinking of fostering, it would be to go for it! The pros outweigh any cons and you’re helping children who have faced a tough start in life. Watching and helping  these children move on to develop and grow further makes me proud and feel a sense of achievement and joy.”

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A big thank you to Pam and Jim for sharing their story with us!

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