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Smooth Radio Fostering Advert – North West – Video

Posted on 10th July 2014 by

Fostering in the North West

Lorimer Fostering’s latest Smooth radio advert kick starts a 9 month long campaign to recruit new foster carers in the North West region, particularly in the Lancashire and Manchester areas. There is a shortage of 1,200 in the North West alone and with your help we can ensure there are sufficient foster carers to support local children!

Fostering for Lorimer

‘You can do it…you have what it takes’ is the concept for our new recruitment campaign with an underlying message that every person has what it takes to be a foster carer, you just probably don’t realise it. You will have been developing the skills that we look for in our foster carers, throughout your life, whether that be from parenting, through your hobbies or skills developed through work.

We will make sure you realise these skills and help you put them to good use by providing you with the training and support you need to make a real difference to the lives of young people.

If you are interested in becoming a Foster Carer and would like to have an informal chat with one of our team then please leave your details above, complete the “Register your Interest” form or contact us on the Freephone number.


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