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May Roundup – on to June!

Posted on 22nd June 2020 by

It’s been a very busy month here at the Lorimer office so there are lots of exciting things we’re got to cover in our May roundup! Our young people have been achieving more fantastic things, Foster Care Fortnight has taken place and we’ve shared lots of interesting fostering stories on our blog.

Young Person’s Achievements

We love celebrating the wonderful things our young people achieve each month. Take a look below at some of the great things they have been up to recently!

  • Receiving a certificate for ‘Accelerated Reader’ during the lockdown
  • Winning the Merseyside County Poetry recital
  • Doing a perfect front – to back – to stand up flip on the trampoline
  • Winning Learn Leader of the week for consistent hard work in Math
  • Submitting all college coursework including some great drawings
  • Winning Lead Learner in English for a completed home assignment
  • Doing weekly baking tasks during lockdown… yummy!

Aren’t all of those achievements fantastic! Well done everyone. Take a look at some of these photos we’ve also received from our Foster Carers and young people. It looks like they’ve all been having lots of fun! One young person wrote a great song about Coronavirus, you can find a link to the blog below where you can read the whole thing! We’re pleased to see that everyone has also been making the most of their daily exercise. It was also VE Day in May – look at this fab cake that some of our young people and carers made together!

Foster Care Fortnight

This year, the Foster Care Fortnight campaign was focused all around the theme ‘This is Fostering’. So we asked our Foster Carers, their families, the young people living with them and our staff to get involved. We received lots of stories, video’s and pictures that we shared on our social media pages and blog posts.

Kathleen & Ste started their fostering journey with us back in 2010. Since then, they’ve cared for and supported Mother’s and babies, toddlers, young people & teenagers! When we asked them to share their ‘This is Fostering’ story with us, they decided to put together a video to share their experiences with us. If you missed this on our social media pages, why not give it a watch now?

Another video we received was from Zahraa, whose parents have been Foster Carers for over five years now. In this video, she tells us all about their life as a foster family, the challenges they have faced and the obstacles they have overcome together.

We just wanted to say a BIG thank you to everyone who got involved and helped us to support the Foster Care Fortnight campaign!! We are so grateful for everything you all do.

Blog Roundup

We’ve had lots to talk about on our blog this month, including some fab content from our wonderful Foster Carers, young people & staff! Below, you can find links to some insightful stories from our wonderful carers about their fostering experiences. You can find out all about what it’s like to be a family that fosters, directly from Foster Carers themselves, as well as what it’s like to work alongside young people from a Resource Workers perspective. One member of team Lorimer, Louise, tells us all about what led her to her role as a Supervising Social Worker.

If you missed one of them, you can click above and give it a read :)

Thanks for reading our May roundup blog! We’ll be back again soon to share everything that’s happened throughout June with you. In the meantime, stay up to date by following our Facebook and Twitter pages for news, blogs & more!

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